Give Me A Giant Cup Of...


What would you want your metaphorical cup to be overflowing with?⁣

It's been a long time since I took part in a #HOMwork challenge, but this one fitted right into the fact that I started a new job this month!

Having a consistent stream of creativity is a given in my position as a designer, but the biggest push for me (and where this big ol' cup mainly comes in) will be breaking out of my shell, being more courageous and having more confidence around lots of new people and within a new working environment, as it can be super draining when you're an introvert that likes their personal shell 😅 (#introvertstruggles)⁣

Everyone has been super friendly so far though, and I've been encouraged to take my time orientating myself to my new surroundings so all is going really well luckily! 😊⁣