Your Intentions Create Your Reality


I can’t remember which email I saw the line “Your Intentions Create Your Reality” in, but something within these words really struck a chord with me recently. I’m finding myself being waaay more intentional with the work I create and how I spend my time outside of my day job, and I feel a lot more aligned with my business than I did a few months ago. From not being on Instagram constantly and being 100% fine about it, to getting clarity about what design work I really want to help small businesses with, there’s a lot going on in this head of mine and I thought, what better way than to share my intentions with the world so I know to stick with them because #accountability!

How I'm Going To Be More Intentional With My Design Business:

1: Being clearer about what I do, who it's for, why I do what I do and how potential clients can work with me. 

People always say websites are never finished, and truer words have never been spoken. Knowing how important it is for website visitors to have as much clarity as possible, I’ve been spending some time looking at where there was visual clutter and information gaps on my website, and working on simplifying the journey for potential clients so they know what they can expect from me and how they can book my time for projects. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s in a much better place than previously.

2: Making my shop a secondary priority, not the top

I've been meaning to update my shop for a little while now (with artwork from the Lettered Pep Talk series to be exact), but with my biggest intention now being that I want to get more client work over sales, I’ve had to shift my priorities around so the shop takes a little step back from the limelight. Making my website work for my main goal has to become top dog. 

3: Being clearer with myself about what work I actually want to do.

I’m still super in love with hand lettering and won’t be stopping that anytime soon, but I’ve realised how much I miss doing other design work like website design, invitations, posters, magazine design, social media templates etc. I’m going to be making a point to create more personal projects around these things (including hand lettering were appropriate) and make sure that I share them, making it clear that I’m available to help with design if you’re struggling to do it yourself! 

4: Decreasing my Instagram usage. 

Taking a break from work for a week (and then extending it a little while longer) fuelled the fire in terms of not being glued to my phone, and I've been able to spend a lot less time on the app and feel much better mentally for it. Things that have been on my waitlist for ages are now getting done. I don’t feel like I’ve wasted hours of my life thinking about what I need to be doing and instead actually doing it. Plus I’m not feeling constantly overwhelmed with thoughts like “oh crap I’m being so inconsistent, oh god I really need to post something today otherwise people will forget about me and my business won’t grow etc etc”. Growing my business is no longer a sprint for me, it’s a marathon. I intend to play by my own rules, keep aiming for impact and quality over vanity metrics, and take my time as Instagram just isn’t paying the bills at the end of the day.

Have you set any intentions for yourself and your business for this last quarter of the year?


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