Entering My First Ever Design Competition...UPDATE - I WON!


So earlier this month I took a leap and entered my first ever design competition for Creatival. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of entering competitions, but after a little push from the lovely Josephine Brooks I thought, why not?!

What’s Creatival?

Run by The Creative Business Network, Creatival is a creative business conference held to support and inspire small businesses who want to take their ventures to the next level. They have some incredible speakers and workshops this year and with their events all centred around collaboration, connection and community, I couldn’t resist wanting to take part in this competition!

The Competition…

The premise was to create a piece of artwork that embodies the ethos of Creatival, with the winning design being printed on the tote bags handed out to all attendees and the winner being given a free ticket too.

When I was creating this I was bang in the middle of really wanting to push my courage levels up, to not be afraid to try something different, and allowing myself to get lost in my creativity and see what happens.

Turns out that this mindset shift and positive thinking worked wonders, as my design was shortlisted to the top 5 out of 50 entries, and I couldn’t be more amazed and happy about it!

A mockup of my design on a tote bag. Cool right?!

A mockup of my design on a tote bag. Cool right?!

Soooo…what next?

Well…I’ve only gone and WON THE DAMN THING!! 🎉🎉🎉

Creatival’s Instagram post announcing the winner!

The message resonated with so many people and the response for my design was absolutely mind-blowing, that now it will be going to print on the event tote bags!

I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that I’ve won my first ever design competition, but it just goes to show great things can happen if you stop holding yourself back and just GO FOR IT!

The only way to get one of these bags will be to attend the conference. Tickets are still available for the Manchester and Exeter events from the Creatival website: https://www.thecreativebusinessnetwork.com/creatival2019

I’ll be heading to the Manchester date, so if you’re there and see me around, feel free to say hello. Hope to see you there!