Do What Makes Your Soul Sing


My soul is singing and it wants to devote more design time to fabulous female business owners like you...

Creating for myself has been pretty hard recently. The burnout club is knocking on my door, motivation is depleting and generally I've been feeling a bit MEH. But then it hit me as to why.

As much I love creating for the grid, my heart wants to spend more time working with small businesses on new projects. I want to take the design struggles and overwhelm off their shoulders and create results we can be proud of. I want to help them get their message heard and move their business forward while pushing my creative comfort zone. So, I'm getting the word out!

Do What Makes Your Soul Sing - Alternative design

Do What Makes Your Soul Sing - Alternative design


I'm available for bespoke lettering and design services for female-led small businesses. Social media designs, hand-lettered logotypes, web design, custom prints and marketing materials... I'm here for it.

Yoga teachers, bloggers, mentors/coaches, content managers, fitness trainers, fashion boutiques and charities. Those doing amazing things who want a little help to make their design dreams a reality. If you're in need of any of the above, hit me up and let's create some cool shit together.

Good design takes time, but I've got your back.