New 30-Day Project Alert!


Lettered Pep Talks: 30 days of no BS
pick-me-ups to spark perseverance, courage and confidence.⁠


I know for myself that when times are tough and doubt is flying all over the place, a good ol' pep talk can get me going again. So throughout July, on my Instagram I'll be sharing daily hand-lettered reminders that will hopefully inspire myself AND YOU to remember that life isn't all about the hustle, to feel ok about taking a step back when you need to, and to spark a conversation about how we can boost our mental mojos and be a little kinder to ourselves (and each other 😊).

I’ll be sharing a weekly roundup featuring each image on this blog, but head to my Instagram now to catch up on this week’s pep talks so far and turn on post notifications if you want to receive them daily!