My Face Shape Is

When Vision Direct were tasked with selling glasses in 2017, after conducting some market research we found that one of the biggest pain-points for customers looking to buy glasses was that they were not entirely confident with picking frames that suited them.

To help ease this pain-point, we established the campaign “My Face Shape Is”; an online tool that would take the basics of a person’s features and give them 3 frames to try, along with styling advice from UK fashion blogger Chloe Helen-Miles (who is a glasses wearer herself).


The Solution

We highlighted three key aspects that a person should consider when purchasing glasses:

  • Their face shape

  • Their skin tone

  • Their hair colour

My role was to create an accessible, concise landing page that enabled the user to know how to use the tool, select the traits that matched their look, and feel informed enough so they felt confident in their frame choice using Chloe’s recommendations and advice.