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About Me


A Quick Run Down…

Hey! I’m Dominique Marshall, the tea-drinking, stationery addicted lady behind Dmarzdesigns. I provide hand lettering and design services to heart-driven small business and entrepreneurs who value self-empowerment, authenticity and being action-takers within their industry.

How can I help you?

I’m dedicated to helping small businesses bring their creative ideas to life visually through intentional design that inspires and connects with their audience.

Having worked in-house for various print and digital companies I understand how important efficiency, communication and collaboration are. I ensure you’re involved in the whole journey from concept to final design, and always keep your customers and ideal audience at the forefront of any design decisions. Incorporating my hand lettering will also instantly give your designs a unique flare that no one else will have!

If you're looking for someone to breathe life into your design ideas or to help you with a style refresh, you're in the right place! Get in touch and let’s create something you can be proud of.